Forget red roses buy her the perfect bikini for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Forget red roses buy her the perfect bikini for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and we know most people favour roses or lingerie for gift giving but have you considered the perfect red bikini? As we are located in Gold Coast we understand the importance of owning some good swimwear (or a couple hundred), luckily for you we have found the perfect site that helps you with that.

The Label Australia is a site that delivers numerous different swimwear brands and lines in order to help shoppers find the right style and fit for them without scouring the web high and low. They want to define the future of retail for swimwear with a dream to create a better shopping experience for shoppers

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“Showcase globally why Australia is the leader in swimwear design” – The Label Aus.

A little background on how ‘The Label Australia’ came to be starts with two local Gold Coast girls that grew up visiting the beach often. Students at Bond University the girls would often talk about different swimwear companies and bikinis they loved, but found that there was a ‘a very big space in the market that needed to be met’.

Just like Adzurra’s marketplace that showcases local fashion with the option to shop right from the app, The Label Australia does the same but with swimwear because Australia really does have some of the best swimwear brands and designs so why not promote and showcase what our local designers can offer, and most especially find something different this year for Valentine’s Day. 

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It’s getting more and more important to support local designers and brands as it’s harder to afford the cost of materials and keep customers with the over saturation of larger more commercial brands.

Shoppers though are becoming more aware of their shopping habits though and there is a demand to support more localised brands and items, The Label does this well and helps you minimise the time you spend looking for swimwear.

On Valentine’s Day some girls like roses, others may like chocolate, but what about those girls that spend every weekend outside or at the beach? Get them something different this year that you know they’ll be able to use. Now, of course you don’t have to just look at red swimwear, there are plenty of colours and styles to choose from. So whether it’s for you or for someone else The Label has you covered (quite literally). 

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You can shop The Label Australia right off our app, you can find this store and many others all on the one platform. Available on Google Play and the App Store to download now.


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