Trending Bohemian Boutiques in Australia

Trending Bohemian Boutiques in Australia

It’s time to get your bohemian on!

Australia is home to so many creative forces, we are fortunate that our app gets to showcase so many of them. Streetwear and athleisure are trends that have really taken over the market at the moment, but a style that never goes out of style (mind our Taylor Swift pun there), is the bohemian style.

Australian culture and lifestyle are some of the main reasons that this style will always be popular, and with the season well into Summer now we have compiled a list that will help you tap into your inner bohemian Queen.


The Bohemian Club



The name might be a giveaway as to what style they favor, with gorgeous dresses, jewelry, bathers, and even clothing for young children this business stocks all local Australian bohemian labels. Located in Gold Coast they noticed a gap in the market where local designers could showcase their collections, and this is where The Bohemian Club started.

Now with many different designers on showcase, shoppers can cover all areas of their bohemian culture with shades, hats, and bags to accompany their clothing.


Coyote Stone



The lifestyle of a bohemian is not just about his or her clothing but being in touch with oneself and their surroundings. Jess over at Coyote Stone makes some of the most gorgeous pieces working with turquoise hues stating perfectly, “ that dance and reflect on our hearts. I believe when you are wearing a crystal, you are connecting with its geometries, lessons and gifts and colour rays, which can subtly affect our energetic field helping to create balance”.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind, made out of “raw and high-quality crystals, sterling silver, all locally sourced where possible to enhance the environment they are placed and adorn the body and soul”.


Adrienne Reid



Known for their luxe, bohemian jewellery and homewares Adrienne Reid pieces add that touch of glam to an outfit or special occasion look. Each piece is hand embellished using a mixture of raw and textural elements including various metals, earth stones, crystals, feathers, textiles, shells, and resins.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that you won’t find anywhere else you can be sure to find it here.


Billy Bones Club

“In a marketplace saturated with bad boy surf brands and bikini-clad Instagrams, the club started as a place for those of us who really can’t skate for shit, but still do it cos’ it’s fucking cool.”

This is why we love this company, they get right to the point of what they sell and for who. We decided to include this one in our list because of the massive trend we’ve seen in the wide-brimmed hats and “train conductor” hats that you see every second person wearing at festivals. What many people don’t know though, is how hard it is to find good fitting hats of these styles that won’t fall off whether you’re skating or moshing to your favourite band.

Introducing Billy Bones Club who “aim to produce quality, detailed and affordable headwear for the good people of Oz and abroad.”



All these amazing boutiques are available on our Adzurra app available on the Google Play and App Store now.

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