Trending travel fashion statements on Instagram.

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Trending travel fashion statements on Instagram.

Which Online Shopping clothes should you be bringing in your travels?

Celebrities must have mastered flying to destinations with great style with the help of their stylists. How about you? How can you achieve a similar outcome without having someone to assist you in styling? There are a lot of ways for you to do so, one is by simply scrolling through your smartphone and look for Online Shopping.

Google search has since been one of the quick providers of any information online, from “how to bake a rainbow cookie recipe” to “the best shades to colour your nails with”. Social media platforms are becoming great sources for various ideas. Take Instagram, for instance.

Social influencers have made Instagram their stage to show to their followers how their life looks like. From personal activities, the interiors of their house, how they dress, and many more, one thing they do is ensure that their branding is consistent. So, if you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming travels, consider these travel fashion statements that are trending on the Gram.

Oversized blazer


Opt for thick blazers with bigger sizes. Choose those that have textures like herringbone or tweed for a slicker and structured look.

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Don’t be afraid to wear sweatpants as long as you treat them like your favourite pair of trousers. Match it with an elegant top and proper boots, and your look will appear more polished.

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Track Pant

You can still wear your old velvet track pants but not the way how you used to wear it. Pair it with a bomber-style top, and you’re good to go.

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Lined coat

Don’t leave your biggest, bulkiest coat at home. It’s the perfect cover, especially if you’re not too comfortable with your outfit.

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Skirt with a Circle Skirt

If you worry about your skirt getting wrinkled or stained while you’re out on a trip, wear a circle skirt.

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Karli cardigans

If you prefer lengthy clothing, then go for a Karli cardigan. Pair them with thick knits and marled colours to help hide the wrinkles.

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Which pieces of Online Shopping clothes do you think you’d stuff in your suitcase?

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