Top Free Shopify Apps to help your business get more sales

shopify apps to make revenue

Top Free Shopify Apps to help your business get more sales

With 800,000 merchants on Shopify, and $100 billion worth of sales going through the platform Shopify provides an easy to use system that allows small to large business sell their items online.

As a business you are always looking for the next ‘thing’ to improve your sales or keep your customers interested (especially on your website), with 2,400 apps to choose from on the Shopify platform it can be hard to focus on which ones you should pay for or download. Should you download the free apps or the paid ones? Which ones will benefit my business the most?

Don’t worry we’re here to help. We’ve scoured high and low and found the must have apps for your business.

Sales Pop:

There’s a reason why 658,000 merchants are using and loving this app. Sales Pop synchs with your store’s data to show real time purchases as notifications to customers, this provides other customers to see what others are buying and that people are loving items on your site. This app also prevents cart abandonment by showing notifications for items in the cart, how many have been sold in the last 24 hours and how many are left, which essentially places a sense of urgency on the customer to purchase the item.

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Smile: Rewards & Loyalty:

Another great free app (with the option to pay for more features), smile allows merchants to create their own loyalty programs with points, referrals & VIP offers. With this you can see real time analytics, add reviews, subscription, messenger & email marketing tools to engage customers. Create a relationship and connect with your customers to really optimise customer satisfaction and grow sales.

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Plug in SEO: 

Do you have trouble driving traffic to your store, and don’t know how else to change your SEO? This app is definitely for you then, once installed, the app checks your store, determines the verdict and displays details. It also checks for issues with your page titles, description, structure, speed, and more. It will then show you how you fix this withcode snippets and show you the process for better SEO’s.

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Boost sales: 

Upsells and cross-sells by showing customers related products and bundle packages tailored just for them. 35% of Amazon’s earnings is the result of using this method and can help to remind your customers other items you sell and if they are already purchasing they are more likely to add to it with a bundle option. You can also offer discount coupons to promote your valued deals even better, and significantly boost sales from any existing customer.

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Of course we had to include our own, Adzurra is a marketplace app on the Google Play and App Store to download that connects shoppers to local fashion around them with the click of button. We have now created our own Shopify app to all stores that want to sell on our platform. The app will show merchants live statistics of what items are being bought, which items customers leave in their cart, most popular and much more. All stock uploaded and changes on your Shopify store will automatically be synched with the Adzurra App, that way no manual changes need to be made. Want to further your customer reach? Sign up here for a personal consultation.

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Listed as the number one shipping category on the Shopify app store for a quite a while now, it’s not hard to see why. Customers place tracking orders and knowledge of their travel as the top concern when buying online, which is understandable as a shopper you just want to make sure you’re item is going to get to you safely and on time. With AfterShip app, Shopify users can automatically track all shipments in one place, merchants can track the latest status and send out push notifications via emails or SMS.

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Instagram Shop:

Snappt brings instagram to your website by linking the two so that shoppers can see your live instagram feed and purchase items off the photos. This allows you to import images from your Instagram account into your Snappt profile, and then specify where the image should then lead the customer to, with the option to place your profile anywhere on the website page. More than just implementing your feed Snappt allows you to gain insights into customer engagement and conversions using visual marketing analytics.

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Mobile Convertor: 

Mobile internet use is increasing at a rapid rate. However, conversion rate on mobile is much lower than desktop, as the user experience on desktops is usually much more visually appealing and laid out. So how do you fix this experience? Changing the layout of your mobile display to be more user friendly for one. By making the product pages easier to navigate and more clear will significantly boost conversions and keep customers coming back to mobile purchases. This app eliminates disadvantages that mobile screens may have for stores by adding simple and easy to use features.

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There are plenty of apps out there so we hope we helped narrow down the list for you, as it’s all about implementing and using the right ones to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

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