Top 5 fashion tech startups you need to follow right now

Top 5 fashion tech startups you need to follow right now

You need to follow these five fashion tech startups

As a startup fashion tech company ourselves, we like to look out and support other companies doing great things in the tech world. Here are a few to watch out for, as these companies are on their way to do great things!

Citizen Wolf:

Recognised by Vogue, The Men’s Style, and The Australian just to name a few, this company is already making large waves in the ethical clothing industry. Citizen Wolf is an ethical and resourceful clothing company to allow the consumer to tailor their basic tees and jackets to their liking. Their three step system is easy:


Citizen Wolf Duo

                              1. Choose Style

                              2. Choose Colour

                              3. Add Smart Fit

With smart fit, you can add in your height, weight, bra size, and date of birth for the most accurate fit for you, with a perfect fit guarantee no shrink.

This company is just starting we can’t wait to see where they take it in the future.




Fashwell uses smart technology to help users find products in images and to make everything around them shoppable. Powered by image and recommendation engines for both fashion and furniture brands. It’s the app and technology many have tried and failed.

Really like a pair of shoes in a photo but have no idea where to find them? Input the photo into the app and it will give you a list of options of where to get either the exact match or similar for different prices tailored to your budget. It also gives you recommendations on how to style your item with other pieces you can find on the app to complete the look.


Photo recognition


Recognised by Forbes in their ‘The Top Five Startups from New York Fashion Tech Lab 2018’ list and already signing Europe’s largest online retailer Zalando, this company is sure moving up in the tech and fashion world quite quickly. This is definitely a company to watch!


Save your wardrobe:

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I have nothing to wear, but a closet full of clothes”? It’s a common complaint that has people going out to buy a whole new outfit that they will likely only wear once. Save your wardrobe stops that problem by helping you put together new outfits with the pieces you already have by the clothes you upload into their system. It keeps track of all your different brands, money spent, new outfits, and gets to know your personal style to make future recommendations for you. It honestly sounds like a dream for people who have a hard time deciding what to wear and what to pair it with.





This company uses your mobile phone ‘to track and encourage improvement in labor practices along the supply chain.’ Buying ethically is becoming more evident in the younger consumer market, people want to know that they are supporting real people and not just the giant companies behind the product. This app offers real-time results and can be used for companies to connect with their workers, and to enhance business performance and worker retention.





Not every brand and business has the capability or budget to create detailed images of every product they have. EverThread is changing this, they are now giving smaller businesses the capability to have high-quality interactive images that will dramatically change and improve their online retailer experience.




Their technology allows for any product to be altered in the viewing process with different colours, textures, and finishes that you offer so that the customer can view all the options online. EverThread was also chosen in the New York Fashion Tech Lab with Forbes reporting that their total funding is now over $1 million. This will definitely help companies and brands achieve a more detailed shopping experience for their customers.


Adzurra likes to acknowledge other startups that are on the edge of something great! If you would like to collaborate at all or just get some starter help feel free to contact us or download our app on Google Play or the App store to see what we’re all about.

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