Looking for an app that connects you to local fashion and shopping?

Looking for an app that connects you to local fashion and shopping?

Look no further, the Adzurra app is here.


In the midst and chaos that can be the competitive industry of online shopping, it can be hard to keep up with it all.

Which store do you choose?

Which plain white t-shirt do you want? Is this store ethical?

Are there discounts for this item?

These are all questions that everyday shopping consumers ask themselves when looking for an item. And sometimes, it can all be overwhelming. 

Introducing Adzurra; an app marketplace that allows you to purchase from numerous fashion, skincare, and beauty sites all in one place. The idea behind the app is to give you, the consumer, a seamless experience through an end to end shopping experience.

But get this… there’s a twist.

The Adzurra app uses geo-location.

The purpose of geo-location is to give users the platform to discover fashion and beauty brands in their own areas or maybe, in an area that you wish to travel too in the near future. 

Streetwear boutiques in Tokyo, Japan? ✔

Skincare stores in Myeongdong, Korea? ✔

Boho chic outfits in from Bali, Indonesia? ✔

So once you find the outfit you’re looking for whilst travelling or in the comfort of your own home, just click to cart, apply the many discounts we give you and off you go! A new outfit, ready for you in minutes.

The beta version of the Adzurra app is no available for download on Google Play or the App Store. Make sure to enable the location services though to discover fashion and beauty stores around you! If you are shopping for something specific, simply browse through the many tags available that is suitable what you want.

Shopping from numerous stores has never been easier. Download Adzurra now!

Our Vision

Adzurra’s vision is to connect more local fashion and beauty brands to users who wish to purchase locally, are interested in eco-friendly or vegan shopping or simply want the convenience of a seamless shopping experience. 

At the moment, the oversaturation of the fashion market severely affects local boutiques who don’t have the neccessary marketing budget or strategy to improve online or offline traffic. With Adzurra, you can support local business whilst also shopping from pre-loved brands as well.

The best of both worlds we say!

Want to know more about Adzurra? 

Sign up to stay current with all things fashion and tech, or maybe take a look at the rest of our blogs where we go more in-depth to some of the brands we feature on the app. Like the sound of Adzurra? Don’t wait,  Adzurra can be downloaded on Google Play and the App store now.

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