Makeup that is sweat proof and good for your skin? Surely not?

Makeup that is sweat proof and good for your skin? Surely not?

It’s fitness month it seems at Adzurra, because we are loving all things fitness and self confidence and for some people bad skin unfortunately gets in the way of both those things.  

I myself know the hassle of dealing with bad skin and wanting to cover it up whilst I competed in sporting events as everyone would be watching me.

For Nova Jane this was also her predicament, she loved exercising and competing but unfortunately this caused her skin to break out excessively. She would then just make it worse by covering it up with makeup to help her self confidence when she worked out, because like hell was this going to stop her working out!

fitcover aus makeup for the gym person

Does this story sound familiar to you?

“I’m too self-conscious to go train with no makeup on” or “I know that wearing makeup wouldn’t be helping my skin”.

Plenty of people have this problem and also how Nova saw a gap in the makeup market for sweat proof, non-clogging makeup. A revolution in makeup needed to happen, that it why Nova created Fit Cover Australia to change that. 

After many set backs and many pharmaceutical “experts” telling her it wasn’t possible without putting a massive price tag on it she felt defeated but after the arrival of her baby Taj and with the support of her fiancee Shane they proved everyone wrong that doubted them . Enter Fitcover, the first real working sweat proof makeup!

fitcover aus

Fitcover® is a vegan skin care and makeup brand that can withstand a hardcore HIIT sesh, a spin cycle class from hell or even an action-packed, appointment-filled day.”

Fit Cover is made with all natural plant-based ingredients that have great benefactors of anti- inflammatory and antibacterial properties all whilst being sweat proof.

vegan makeup sweat proof makeup

Now we know you’re probably skeptical about putting makeup on that isn’t going to clog your pores when you work out, or make you break out but Fit Cover put it simply;

“If you wouldn’t drink a protein shake full of toxins then you sure as hell shouldn’t be smothering them on your skin…If we’re smothering our face with nasty chemicals they will find their way into our bloodstream and wreak havoc on our health.”

That really does make you think about all the nasty chemicals you’re exposing to your skin and to your health when you wear makeup that is labelled as, “24 hr long lasting”, or “heavy duty”. They deliver in what they are telling you but skip out on the long list of “ingredients” that are included to be able to get the product to that outcome.

vegan and cruelty free fit cover aus

We discussed fuelling your body and skincare with all natural products that are great for us so why don’t we do the same with our makeup?

Try a sample foundation shade for free before you commit to a particular shade so you can be sure that you get the right one and see just how sweat proof it really is. 

Fit Cover is available to buy on the Adzurra app and of course on their website. Try it for yourself now and allow yourself to feel confident even when working out.

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