Overview on the success of the official Adzurra Launch!


Overview on the success of the official Adzurra Launch!

Were you at the official Adzurra Launch Party? If not, find out how Adzurra became the #1 fashion app to download this year!

Missed out…take an exclusive look inside the Adzurra App Launch Night on July 27!

It’s officially been 1 month since the @adzurra_app launched to the public. Our team worked extremely hard to execute a large marketing campaign in order to pull off a successful first launch. And if you weren’t at the launch or the afterparty, here’s how it went down.

1. We worked with the amazing marketing team from Social Growth Media. 

In order to launch the Adzurra app well, our team knew that we had to develop a marketing strategy 6 months prior to launch. We decided to approach the team at Social Growth Media to help us develop an overall strategy that focused on paid ads, improving our sales funnel, social media marketing and influencer marketing.

The Social Growth Media team were kind enough to offer each one of our brands, small business owners or anyone who is interested, a FREE marketing consult to develop a knockout marketing strategy. Get in touch with the team now AND receive your expert advisory session.

2. We focused on branding…like a lot!

If you haven’t checked out our website yet, well do so now! We revamped our website in order to attract our target market & truly radiate the brand of Adzurra. We hired a photographer, videographer, models etc who we believed truly understood the brand of Adzurra. And well, it worked out AMAZINGLY!

3. We created content through a campaign, focusing on both video and imagery.

Check out our campaign video to promote Adzurra on social media…

4. We decided to focus on Influencer Marketing.

The data from spending below $10,000 over 4 months on influencer marketing gave us:

  • A reach of 7 million+ Instagrammers worldwide.
  • A total of 2 million + Campaign Impressions worldwide.
  • 250K Campaign engagement in 12 hours on our Instagram profile.
  • Downloads to the app and many more data!

Now, it’s up to you to decide if Influencer marketing is worth the investment. For us – it was great for brand awareness! However, it is also important to leverage digital marketing avenues such as paid ads. So make sure to develop a strong marketing strategy in influencer marketing AND digital marketing.

But here are some of the Instagram influencers who attended:

@nickybell, @fashionstyelle, @samtodd                                  @nicolethorne 






@emmgurr, @arianawhittingham
                                            @rosannaarkle, @chloepatt







@emileehembrow                                                                       @isabella_gray, @michaelawain     







And many more (a total of 27 attended)…

5. And finally, we held a KNOCKOUT afterparty & we spent $0.00.

One of the strategies that Social Growth Media recommended to the Adzurra team was to leverage the idea of an ‘afterparty’. We were able to secure a free venue as long as we drove foot traffic to the club which we did after we had 321 sign up to a ticket to the party!! That’s 321 potential users for Adzurra, attending the afterparty, tagging us in stories & promoting our brand – for FREE! Shout out to SinCity Nightclub who gave Adzurra attendees free entry, free drink on arrival and free champagne all night!!

Overall, the Adzurra Launch and Afterparty was a success. Therefore, we would like to officially thank all of our clients who attended the event and the amazing influencers & attendees of the afterparty for coming to support our first launch party to the public!

If you would like to learn more about Adzurra, check out our Instagram @adzurra_app for updates or contact Chris, our head of Australian Operations at chris@adzurra.com.

Now if you are an eCommerce store, fashion brand or small business interested in leveling up your marketing game, take advantage of your FREE marketing consult with Social Growth Media by signing up here.

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