Our vision

We believe that there should be one platform that focuses on blending the online and offline shopping experience. The Adzurra platform is an online to offline  fashion marketplace, meaning that we don’t only focus on your online shopping experience but also your discovery of new local boutiques around you.

Our vision is to connect all online and offline boutiques in the world onto one platform to allow shoppers to discover unique fashion products beyond what is produced by established brands.

Our goal

Our goal is to create the best shopping experience for our customers. This means being able to shop is not enough. By creating a strong fashion community on social media and working with local boutiques, we can ensure that we are trusted and connected with our users.

Adzurra is a strong supporter of conscious shopping so we ensure that we work with a range of boutiques. From vegan skincare, eco-clothing, to ethically made garments and charitable boutiques, Adzurra is the ideal portal for conscious buyers.

Our team


CEO and Founder

Bachelor of Laws and International Relations


Software Developer

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and IT


Marketing Manager

Bachelor of Business and Journalism


Business Development Associate

Bachelor of Creative Design and IT

Available positions

Brand Ambassadors

Marketing Intern

Full Stack Software Developer

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