Meet Sharine Duran – Founder and CEO of Adzurra


Meet Sharine Duran – Founder and CEO of Adzurra

Find out more about the 23 year old CEO of Adzurra that raised pre-seed investment, received acceptance into the Australian Landing Pad prior to launch and is now nominated in the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards 2018.


Sharine Duran founded Adzurra back in October 2017 during her Europe trip straight after graduating from law school. She was then working in finance until she was inspired by various fashion consumerism patterns overseas.

Inspired by her dream to create a one go-to platform for ‘all things’ fashion, Sharine set out on her entrepreneurial journey. Adzurra was her first dive into business which has proved to be quite a success for an early startup.

Within the first month of pitching her ‘idea’, Sharine received large interest from investors. Her first round of investment was solidified within the first 3 months of the idea which gave her the funds to start creating the app.

Whilst building the app, Sharine set out to ensure market research solidified the demand for Adzurra. She visited multiple Village Markets, attended fashion shows and walked the streets of Burleigh and Palm Beach, speaking to fashion boutique owners. After two rounds of beta testing, she soon confirmed that there was a demand for an app that would allow users to discover eCommerce and bricks and mortar fashion boutiques by location, proximity and relevance.

Now, Adzurra has completed its first launch to public, with over 300+ users and 150+ fashion boutiques and brands on the app. The Adzurra Launch was attended by 27 Instagram influencers, reached 7 million people worldwide, had a total of 2 million impressions and received 250K engagement on the @adzurra_app Instagram page.

Sharine was also recently featured on a podcast by Social Growth Media to discuss her recent accomplishments and what’s next for Adzurra. Listen now. 

What started as as an idea, is now being downloaded daily by users across the App store who enjoy discovering popular fashion boutiques in one place.

At 23 years old, Sharine has raised pre-seed investment and was accepted into the Australian Governments Landing Pad Program. The Program sponsors market-ready startups to bring their business global through a 90 day residency in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Now, Sharine has been nominated in the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards, a prestigious business award recognising young change makers. Entrants are able to nominate for multiple categories and winners will be announced on October 12 at the Gala Dinner.

Right now, Sharine is focused on improving user-experience on Adzurra and establishing partnerships in the tech space in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is passionate about travel, design and fashion. Overall, she aims to create a user-friendly platform that allows women, from all backgrounds, to sell fashion and beauty pieces with just access to the internet.

If you would like to know more about Adzurra and Sharine, visit our website at or Instagram @adzurra_app. Alternatively, contact our Business Manager and COO, Chris Rodgers at 0490705646.

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