What do Rihanna, Kris Jenner, and all these women have in common?

women in business

What do Rihanna, Kris Jenner, and all these women have in common?

Here are our Top 5 women in fashion business killing it!

It’s International Womens Day, and what better day than to take a look at some of the most inspiring and business savvy women killing it at the moment!

Despite the push for women’s equal pay and plenty of Beyonce anthems, unfortunately girls do not run the world…yet.

There is still an alarming low number of women in CEO positions as little as 11.8% of CEOs in Asia and Australia are women, with Europe and the US even lower with only 7.8% of women in CEO positions. But, there is some positive news, females in high work positions are starting to increase according to the National Association of Women Business Owners an 18 percent increase compared to 2017.

The truth is that women do indeed have to push and yell louder to be heard in workplaces, so we’re thankful for the ones paving the way and doing incredible things.


Jenny Fleiss

CoFounder of Rent The Runway and CEO of Jetblack
rent the runway top women in business

The co-founder of Rent the Runway which allows fashion savvy people rent runway pieces for just a fraction of the price, has begun another successful business called Jetblack. A text message-based, invite only system that can get virtually any item to customer in a matter of hours, operating within Walmart’s startup incubator, Store No. 8I. Fleiss is setting out to change the retail shopping experience!

Kris Jenner

American television personality, entertainment manager, producer, businesswoman, and author.

powerful women in business kris jenner

With a job description that long is there really any need to introduce this women? Kris Jenner is most definitely one of the most successful managers to her children (Kardashian and Jenner clan), getting them all to superstar statuses, squashing rumour after rumour, author, runs her own production company- Jenner Communications, and of course being the executive producer on a little show called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Jane Lu

Founder & CEO of Showpo

showpo ceo jane lu showpo

Lu has successfully built Showpo– an online fashion boutique from two shelves of clothing to a company shipping to over 80 countries and pulling in 3.5 million worth of following. Lu co-founded the group “Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine“, a business group that promotes and encourages girl bosses around the world, and now has 80,000+ members and growing.

Katrina Lake

Founder and CEO of Stitch Fix

stitch fix fashion businesses

Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription based service and is the youngest female founder ever to take a company public and is the CEO of the only female-led tech IPO of 2017. That alone is amazing, Lake took her $42 million investment and turned that into a $3 billion dollar company despite all the people that underestimated her. On her female CEO status Lake stated, “I didn’t want to just be a female CEO. I wanted to be a successful CEO, regardless of gender”.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman.

fenty makeup rihanna

Rihanna was once more known for her music, but in the last few years the world has seen just the business woman she can be coming out with her makeup line Fenty Beauty, which set the standards for Foundation shades, and then her lingerie line Savage X Fenty, which celebrates fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity and sets to shake up the marketplace with its accessible price point and extensive sizing.

All these women are focused in fashion in one way or another but all focus on different areas whether that be a new way to shop, or a new product that makes people feel included and sexy. Women are making money moves and are on their way to the top, but they need the support of us to get them there, so let’s start encouraging each other instead of pitting women against women, let’s look behind the gender and focus on the product, let us all be fearless to dare to achieve something great.

Adzurra is very passionate about supporting other women as our own CEO Sharine Duran has faced similar battles of the sexes. Women are no longer being left behind in the shadows or standing behind the man to help us, women are venturing out on their own. Follow Adzurra’s journey as we take on the app and fashion market to bring local businesses and shoppers together.

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