Frequently Asked Questions.

When can I download Adzurra?

Adzurra is set to launch on IOS and Android app store on 1 July 2018 with two pre-launches exclusive to a selected audience. If you would like to get involved with our pre-launches, subscribe to our mailing list and state that you would like to get involved in our pre-launch and receive a friendly call from one of our staff.

Who are the brands on Adzurra?

The brands on Adzurra are predominantly brands that have an Instagram presence or on social media. If you are a newcomer to the eCommerce scene, Adzurra is the best platform to get started on beyond Instagram to start generating brand awareness, sales and expand your global reach. If you are a brand and would like to get involved, join our mailing list and state that you would like to learn more about joining Adzurra.

How does Adzurra make money?

Adzurra prides itself as a transparent tech startup. Our company makes money by charging brands a low service fee plus click through fees all relative to the traffic generated to each brands website. This allows us to give users a completely free experience.

I am a brand. How do I guarantee that my products are presented well on Adzurra?

Adzurra has a strong compliance team to ensure that the brands signing up to the app fits the criteria they have listed themselves as to make sure all users find the most relevant product to them. Our software will ensure that all photos are of HD quality prior to publishing the brand on the app and the right meditags/hashtags are used to reach your targeted audience.

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