How can my fashion brand benefit from Adzurra?

Adzurra helps fashion and beauty brands on Instagram find a targeted audience beyond Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Our app enables you to increase your sale quantity, brand awareness and expand your global reach.

And the best part, we only act as a lead generator so we don’t take a % of any of your sales.

All sales will remain through your store, bricks or mortar or eCommerce. We simply connect the consumers to your brand.

Join our community of trending brands. Why? Let us convince you…

We help you create brand awareness.

You can access targeted consumers.

You can access data, through us, about your targeted audience.

You can utilise push notifications to immediately remind your consumers of sales & promotions.

Improve foot traffic to your bricks & mortar store by utilising the geo-tagging feature.

We help expand your consumer base to worldwide.

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What is our advantage as an advertisement platform?

You, as a fashion brand, can now be found by consumers by a targeted filter, by location and through your stockist.

The aim of Adzurra is to connect fashion brands to their targeted consumers as quickly as possible.

Therefore, Adzurra’s algorithms will help you be found for various reasons, not just based on popularity!

We cater for bricks and mortar & eCommerce stores.

Adzurra believes in collaborative marketing. Please visit the Home Page to see which type of fashion categories we cater for.

Are you an eCommerce store?

Yes, I have bricks and mortar stores and I am online

Use geo-location to your advantage to remind users of your location when they walk by.

Have multiple stores? List them all on Adzurra so your customers can find you.

Use push notifications to remind your customers of products they have liked from your brand when they come close to you.

Having a sale? Remind your customer that you are having a sale in specific/ or all locations.

Yes, I am only online

Funnel your customers to your Instagram or directly to your website.

Increase brand awareness by giving your customers a feel for your brand.

Another platform where you can generate more sales and leads online.

Utilise push notifications to remind your customers of ongoing sales, promotions and updates with your eCommerce store.

Yes, I am online but I also have products with 3rd party retailers

Use geo-location to your advantage to tell your customers that your products are available at third party retailers.

Increase traffic to your website but also promote your 3rd party retailers to acquire foot traffic.

Push notifications will allow you to remind your customers that they are near your 3rd party retailer.

Increase brand awareness for your brand and third party retailers collaboratively.

Here are the brands who have already joined the Adzurra community.