Are niche fashion boutiques paving the way forward in the fashion space?

Are niche fashion boutiques paving the way forward in the fashion space?



Woocommerce just released a report that focused on why finding a niche in a saturated market like fashion is key to small business success. The report mentioned that niche fashion boutiques have a higher success rate than creating a broad retail platform due to greater control of customer testing. It’s easier to release a range of products to a tighter market, gather data then do further releases.

So what are niche fashion boutiques? Niche fashion boutiques are eCommerce or offline retail stores that focus on a segment of a market, usually that is undeserved and lacking attention. For example, a store may focus on ‘activewear’. The niche market of that large segment is something like ‘yogawear’.

The reason why niche fashion boutiques have a higher chance of succeeding now is because they tap into culture and community. We interviewed one of our fashion brands on Adzurra about tapping into specific communities, catering to their needs and scaling their business.

The Good Trend was founded by Hemma who is the Queen of Thrift Shop Buys. She founded The Good Trend because she wanted to purchase from conscious fashion (niche area) but she found it difficult to find stylish and accessible pieces. Like any other entrepreneur, she decided to cater to her own need.

The fashion pieces contained in The Good Trend have certain requirements in order to cater for their niche area. Fashion on The Good Trend must be stylish, fashion-forward and ethically-produced. There are also eco-friendly pieces in the marketplace.

Currently, there are stockists on The Good Trend from New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy and the United Kingdom. Beyond the stockists, Hemma will also release her own range of earrings and t-shirts.

We asked Hemma if she thought that niche markets such as ethical fashion was important for brands who were starting their businesses.

Consumers are becoming more conscious and are looking to purchase more mindfully. Ethical fashion is the way forward, and until it becomes the norm, we unfortunately have to label it as such.

Another niche market are retailers that are social enterprises. Hemma’s comments on this market is quite unique:

I believe that business is bigger than yourself. To me, it’s important to focus on a bigger purpose such as producing stylish fashion that is kind to humans, animals and the earth. Most of the brands I stock are from social enterprises. They donate a percentage of the profits to charities or causes.

The Good Trend has been operational for 6 months and continues to serve the small communities who can now purchase from eco-friendly and ethically-sourced social enterprises. Moving forward, Hemma believes that the fashion industry will become extremely exciting.

The advances in technology, including the wearable tech movement is an (exciting emerging market). I also love what Adzurra is doing, it’s bringing fashion lovers together in an accessible way.  

Adzurra is also a big supporter on serving niche and emerging fashion markets. We do this by giving our customers options to filter out brands that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, charitable or vegan so you can access your fashion community in a convenient way. Adzurra can be downloaded on Google Play and the App store now.

What are your thoughts about niche fashion boutiques? Comment below. 

If you’re a brand and would like sign up to our platform, contact or sign up through the app now. If you’re looking for niche fashion boutiques, download the app and filter through the range of brands we have to support your fashion community.

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