Adzurra in the Australian Landing Pad Program

Adzurra in the Australian Landing Pad Program

 So what exactly is the Australian Landing Pad Program and how did Adzurra get involved?


Since September 1, our CEO and Founder Sharine Duran has been overseas in Tel Aviv, Israel for a program called the Australian Landing Pad Program. The ALP is organised by Austrade to help growing startups in Australia attend a 90-day residency program at an established co-working space for the primary reason of SCALING.

The aim of the Australian Landing Pad Program is to ensure that early-stage startups from Australia have access to international resources in Tech Hubs to foster growth in the Australian startup space. During the 90 Day residency, each startup receives

  • Guidance on identifying and targeting customers
  • Advice on how to access angel investors, venture capital and other potential sources of investment
  • Introductions to local government agencies offering support programs for new businesses and startups
  • Advice on how to leverage networks in the market to meet with peers, decision makers and influencers
  • Referrals to professional services and advisory firms
  • Advice on how to negotiate the local business culture.


Adurra was accepted into the Program early July prior to launch and immediately accepted this opportunity. In the last 2 months since the program started, Adzurra has increased our user and customer base, secured investment funding, met some amazing startups and was able to design phase 2 of our product. 

So why Tel Aviv, Israel?

For a few years now, Israel has been dubbed as the ‘Startup Nation’ due to the many Israeli tech startups that have blossomed from the scene. Some of these startups include Waze ($1.1B exit to Google), ($127M IPO) and Moovit (raise $50M). Therefore, as an early-stage startup, imagine tapping into the tech space that have helped and fostered the growth of some of the best startups in the world!

So are you a tech startup ready to scale up? We highly suggest applying for the Australian Landing Pad Program which is available in Shanghai, Berlin, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and Singapore.

If you’re interested in applying for the Landing Pad Program, just email us at and we can give you tips and tricks on how to apply and what it’s like being in the program.

Adzurra is available to download on Google Play and the App store. 

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