Adzurra attended Retail Disrupt this year: What exactly did we learn?

Adzurra attended Retail Disrupt this year: What exactly did we learn?

Retail Disrupt is just one of the retail conferences that cannot be missed!

Two weeks ago, our CEO and Founder attended a retail conference in Tel Aviv, Israel during Adzurra’s time in the Australian Landing Pad Program with AUSTRADE. Although expecting quite the average conference filled with tech startups pitching to investors on the sidelines, she came back with only praise for such an innovative and insightful day full of powerhouse stories and attendees. Here’s a quick overview of Retail Disrupt. 

Retail Disrupt is Israel’s leading conference on retail and technology. Running for 2 years now, the conference seeks to address the new changes in the retail industry. This means that the space needs to change through technology and innovation to cater to a younger, more digital generation.

Some of the startups presenting at Retail Disrupt were developing software from enhancing the supply chain model to apps that drive traffic not only to online stores but to offline stores as well, improving the offline experience.

Here’s a quick run down on what the 2 day conference can offer any retail startup:

Meet & Connect

Startups meet & connect with the people behind the most innovative startups in retail technology, the leading brands, retailers and big technology companies. You can also meet investors and community leaders in retail technology & innovation.

Watch & Learn

Startups can choose from over 45 sessions including inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and more. You can also participate in the pitch on stage at the finals of the startup competition.

Present & Win

Startups can pitch their startup at the Retail Disrupt Startup Competition for a chance to win some amazing prizes (and attract investors along the way).

Apart from their main services, what Retail Disrupt also excelled in was attracting a strong calibre of inspirational figures from the retail industry. Some of the speakers from this year’s conference included:


Retail Disrupt

And many more….

We interviewed our CEO, Sharine Duran, to talk about what she learnt overseas at the Retail Disrupt conference:

“Honestly, the Retail Disrupt conference is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Everyone was friendly, the speakers were amazing and open to any conversation, and the investors were excited to find new startups to invest in! But what I found inspirational was the amount of startups who wanted to partner up with other retail startups to give customers the best experience of all time!”

From the conference, Adzurra has secured:

  • follow up meetings with retail industry leaders;
  • formed partnerships with 3 other retail software companies; and
  • met with VC’s and potential investors.

So if you’re a retail startup thinking of growing and scaling, the Retail Disrupt is definitely a conference not to be missed!

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