Adzurra… your portal to convenient shopping.

Adzurra is a creative content app that helps users find the latest fashion trends, designs and brands on Instagram.

Simulating an online shopping centre, you can now browse through a variety of options from swimwear to active wear from the trending brands on social media. Each brand showcases their best products, store locations, Instagram feed, return policy, shipping methods and sales on one convenient platform.

No Geographical Restriction.

Now on Adzurra, you are no longer restricted to the brands you have found on Google, Instagram or in your city.

Discover a world of brands by using our location tool to find related products based on geography. Our location-based feature allows you to drop a specific location and find the hottest brands in that area.



Whether Sydney or London, discover fashion anywhere around the world by location.


Log into your account and receive notifications on deals and sales immediately.


Browse a wardrobe that includes all brands, across all social media platforms, all in one place.


Search the latest trends and designs on social media by location, brand or product.

Making waves in the Instagram Community.

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Here are our key features that makes Adzurra one of the hottest apps in 2018.

Promos / Coupons

Download special Adzurra coupons for extra discounts.

Trending Feeds

Find trending brands and products on social media on our product and brand feed.


Utilise our location based feature to find the closest brands to you and receive notifications when you are near a store, pop-up location or market stall.

Hashtags / Meditags

Hashtags and meditags allows you to narrow your search to be as specific as ‘coral hat, Australian Made, Afterpay, designer with free shipping’.

Push Notifications

If you’re waiting for a product to go on sale, just simply ‘like’ the product and allow notifications in order to receive an alert when that brand has a promotion or if the product is on sale.

The most popular creative content app of 2018.

Convenient and easy to use.

Supporting local and unique brands.

Stay up to date with the latest brands and products on social media.

Access popular fashion trends around the world.

Magnitude of discounts, promotions and sales.

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